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List of Chrono Cross techs

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This article is a list of character techs in Chrono Cross.

Single Techs[edit | edit source]

The element color of single techs is the same as the innate color of the character who uses them. The exceptions to this rule are: Sprigg, whose techs use the innate color of the being she transforms into, and Pip, whose innate color is able to change as he evolves.

Character Level Tech Name Target Description
Serge 3 Dash&Slash One Enemy Charge straight at foe for extra-powerful cut/blade stroke
5 Luminaire All Enemies Build up and release a burst of "chi" energy
7 FlyingArrow One Enemy Focus energy on Swallow and hurl yourself at foe
Kid 3 Pilfer One Enemy Attempt to steal your opponent's treasure
5 RedPin All Enemies Throw a bunch of daggers all at once
7 HotShot One Enemy The Death-blow machine invented by Lucca
Lynx 3 GlideHook One Enemy Slice opponent as you gently fly past him
5 FeralCats All Enemies Invokes a pack of magic cats to attack
7 ForeverZero All Enemies All things become eternal nothingness
Guile 3 Wandain One Enemy Teleport magic wand into foe's innards
5 WandaSwords One Enemy Turn magic wand into swords that stab foe
7 LightninRod One Enemy Charge magic wand with lightning to zap foe
Norris 3 SpiralRay One Enemy Shoot a twisting ray of aura from your pistol
5 SunShower All Enemies Fire aura in the air to cause a rain of bullets
7 TopShot One Enemy Fires a concentrated ball of aura energy
Nikki 3 GrandFinale One Enemy Break beloved guitar on foe at performance's end
5 ChillOut One Enemy Play a cool tune that'll freeze your worst critic
7 LimeLight All Enemies Play some heavy metal that'll shake your foes
Viper 3 G-Force One Enemy Utilize gravity's pull to swing sword harder
5 AirForce All Enemies Make huge blades of thin air and hurl them at foes
7 FlagBearer Self Raise the national flag to raise the fighting spirit
Riddel 3 SnakeEyes All Allies Use the power of White Cobra to heal your party
5 SnakeSkin One Ally Use the power of White Cobra for protection
7 SnakeFangs Self White Cobra's power will recharge some Elements
Karsh 3 DragonRider One Enemy Jump on your dragon to make a charge attack
5 AxialAxe All Enemies Send aura into axe and throw it in a circle
7 Axiomatic One Enemy Spin axe around to build up power for final blow
Zoah 3 DragonRider One Enemy Jump from your steed to do an elbow-crush dive
5 Gyronimo One Enemy Fly like a helicopter to make a spinning dive
7 Toss&Spike One Enemy Throw foe high in air, then beat him back down
Marcy 3 Cat'sCradle One Enemy Pierce the enemy with your secret strings
5 StringPhone All Enemies Send a cold signal down your secret string line
7 WebSurfer All Enemies Weave secret strings to cut out a wave of rocks
Korcha 3 HeadButt One Enemy Swim in the air and dive head-first at opponent
5 Hook&Sinker One Enemy Snag a foe on fishing line and reel it in
7 BigCatch One Enemy A special lure to catch the big one that got away
Luccia 3 Pin-UpGirl One Enemy Practice the pinning of a specimen on your foe
5 Mix&Match One Enemy Chemical compound causes multiple status effects
7 TestAmeba One Enemy Let foe be a test-host for a new parasitic amoeba
Poshul 3 K9-Ball One Enemy Curl up in a ball and bounce at foe
5 DoggyDunnit All Enemies Kick up the dirty stuff from pooch's sandbox
7 Unleashed One Enemy Unlock dog collar to unleash pooch power!
Razzly 3 Raz-Star One Enemy Catch a falling star
5 Raz-Heart One Ally A gift from the heart
7 Raz-Flower All Allies Protect friends with flower power
Zappa 3 HammerBlow One Enemy Beat the earth to rattle your foe
5 HammerThrow All Enemies Spin like a top to known foes flying
7 BallsOfIron One Enemy Like playing golf with an adrenaline rush
Orcha 3 SpiceOfLife All Allies Scatter secret spice to make party healthy
5 MysteryMenu One Enemy Turns your foe into the main course
7 DinnerGuest One Enemy Invites the cook to show his other face
Radius 3 LongShot One Enemy Hit foe from afar with "Chi" aura
5 QuickDraw One Enemy Swing your staff faster than the eye can see
7 VitalEnergy One Enemy Send waves of "Chi" aura flying at foe
Fargo 3 Pillage One Enemy Plunder opponent's treasure
5 CannonBalls All Enemies Call for support fire from the S.S. Invincible
7 Invincible One Enemy The forbidden deathblow unleashed from within
Macha 3 BottomsUp One Enemy A hip-drop that makes foe the "butt" of jokes
5 Folding One Enemy Handle foe as if you're folding the laundry
7 DirtyDishes One Enemy One angry mama lets anything fly!
Glenn 3 Dash&Gash One Enemy Build up momentum for a stronger slash attack
5 SonicSword One Enemy Tech Skill taught to him by his big brother
7 Dive&Drive One Enemy Pierce foe from above and finish with a kick
Leena 3 MaidenHand One Enemy A real slap in the face to body and soul
5 MaidenHeart Self Virgin's prayer to recharge Elements' power
7 MaidenFaith Self Virgin's prayer for the power of self-revival
Miki 3 HeadBopper One Enemy A dance that's bound to make heads turn!
5 SexyWink One Enemy A lusty look that'll make any foe go gaga
7 DanceOnAir All Enemies Dance in the sky while attacking with air-waves
Harle 3 MoonBeams All Enemies Use lunar energy to create blades of light
5 MoonShine All Allies Use lunar energy to protect the party
7 Lunairetic All Enemies Create a lunar eclipse that causes destruction
Janice 3 BeatIt One Enemy Beat enemy with your trusty bunny-drum
5 24Carrots One Enemy Bounce carrots off drum as true "BeaterCarotene"
7 What'sUpDoc One Enemy Concentrate all energy on drumming foe sky-high
Draggy 3 CoughDrop One Enemy Cough up a little breath of fire
5 CoughMix All Enemies Cough up a fireball, then beat wings to magnify it
7 BigBreath All Enemies Breath attack with help of Mother Dragon's ghost
Starky 3 StarLight One Enemy Call on Starman Guardian to do special attack MK1
5 StarBurst All Enemies Call on Starman Guardian to do special attack MK2
7 StarStruck One Enemy Call on Starman Guardian to do special attack MK3
Sprigg 5 Doppelgang Self Transforms herself into a previously met foe
Mojo 3 VoodooDance One Enemy Perform a mystic dance that curses your foe
5 CartWheel All Enemies Turn into a living Catherine wheel
7 HoodooGuroo One Enemy Lift foe with nail, then drop while spinning
Turnip 3 VegeChopper One Enemy Leap in air and put all force behind massive cut
5 VegeMight One Enemy Burrow into ground to do uppercut from below
7 VegOut One Enemy A secret power he doesn't talk about...
NeoFio 3 PopPopPop All Enemies Shoot forth a barrage of flower seeds
5 SlurpSlurp One Enemy Send out tendrils to soak up foe's HP
7 BamBamBam One Enemy Gather roots into one limb to slam foe down
Greco 3 Clothesline One Enemy Charge with outstretched arm to knock foe flying
5 Flip-flop One Enemy Do a gymnastic lead up to a spinning drop kick
7 GraveDigger One Enemy Do a body slam from the top of a magic tombstone
Skelly 3 JugglerVein All Enemies Use special juggling balls to pound foes
5 BalloonLoan Self Boost your strength by blowing a magic balloon
7 OnARoll One Enemy Hop on a huge beach ball and run over foe with it
Funguy 3 LumberJack One Enemy Make like a woodcutter and chop foe to pieces
5 SporeCloud One Enemy Shoot a cloud of spores from the mushroom cap
7 Myconoids One Enemy Release an army of mini-mushrooms onto your foe
Irenes 3 WaterBreath One Enemy Exhale a powerful blast of salt water
5 MerMelody One Ally Play a tune on your harp to heal a party member
7 SirenSong All Enemies Play a tune on your harp to beat foes with waves
Mel 3 Snatch One Enemy Steal your opponent's possessions
5 Doodle One Enemy Use your opponent as a piece of drawing paper
7 Tantrum All Enemies Stamp on ground so hard it causes quakes
Leah 3 RockThrow One Enemy Hurl huge boulders at opponent
5 TailSpin One Enemy Swirl tail around to create a tornado attack
7 TripleKick One Enemy Leap up and kick from three different directions
Van 3 JumpThrow One Enemy A Tech Skill learned from a correspondence course
5 WetPaint All Enemies & Allies Throw artist's paintpots all over the place
7 PiggyBoink One Enemy Set your precious piggy bank onto your foe
Sneff 3 BigDeal One Enemy Swiftly and forcefully throw your pack of cards
5 HPShuffle Self Reorder the digits that make up your HP value
7 SwordTrick One Enemy A new magic trick, the likes of which have never been seen before!
Steena 3 DireaShadow One Enemy Summon the eidolon of the last Shrine Maiden
5 HydraShadow All Enemies Summon the eidolon of a Hydra
7 GaraiShadow One Enemy Summon the eidolon of Garai
Doc 3 HighFive One Enemy Throw your weapons high in the air
5 Gnarly One Enemy A chiropractic attack that crushes a foe's bones
7 HangTen All Allies Pray for ocean rains to heal your friends
Grobyc 3 RocketFist One Enemy Shoot off left arm to punch a foe in the face
5 HairCutter All Enemies Power up cyborg hair to generate a laser saber
7 StrongArm One Enemy A secret weapon banned by the Porre Army
Pierre 3 Medalsome Self Pray upon the legendary Hero's Medal for help
5 FoiledAgain One Enemy Gracefully score a double touch on foe
7 SlapOfCyrus One Enemy A deathblow borrowed from the tough guy Cyrus
Orlha 3 Multipunch One Enemy A chain attack inherited by a single child
5 PunchDrunk One Enemy "Drunken Master" attack taught by her parents
7 SisterHoods One Enemy An inherited technique performed by two sisters
Pip 3 Pounce One Enemy Hurl body at foe with all one's might
5 Soothe All Allies Gently calm party to restore stamina and HP
7 (Unevolved) Pounce+4 One Enemy Hurl body at foe with all one's might
7 (Archangel) HeavenCalls One Enemy Just give your opponent a gentle poke
7 (Archdevil) Hell'sFury One Enemy Do the 'wild thing' and go into a hellish rage
7 (Holy Beast) CanonCannon One Enemy Find a nice, holy hole to snuggle up in...

Combos (Double & Triple Techs)[edit | edit source]

Tech Name Color Target Requires
DeltaForce White All Enemies Luminaire (Serge) + MaidenFaith (Leena) + Raz-Flower (Razzly)
DoubleTake Red One Enemy Pilfer (Kid) + Snatch (Mel)
DraggyRider Yellow One Enemy BigBreath (Draggy) + TripleKick (Leah)
DragonSpike Green One Enemy DragonRider (Karsh) + Toss&Spike (Zoah)
Flamenco Red All Allies DanceOnAir (Miki) + LimeLight (Nikki)
PitchBlack Black All Enemies TopShot (Norris) + StrongArm (Grobyc)
SwordStorm Black One Enemy WandaSwords (Guile) + SwordTrick (Sneff)
TossedSalad Green One Enemy BamBamBam (NeoFio) + VegOut (Turnip)
VitalForce White One Enemy VitalEnergy (Radius) + AirForce (Viper)
X-Strike Red One Enemy Dash&Slash (Serge) + Dash&Gash (Glenn)
Z-Slash Blue One Enemy FlyingArrow (Serge) + RedPin (Kid) + Slash (Sprigg's Doppelgang)

Enemy-Only Techs[edit | edit source]

Tech Name Target Used By
Acac.Breath Single Enemy Dragoon
AcaciaBlade Single Enemy Acacia SGT
AcidicGas All Enemies Wingapede
AttackAll Single Enemy Gremlin
BackDrop Single Enemy Taurusoid
BadBreath All Enemies Green Dragon
BatBeam Single Enemy Combat
BayonetGun Single Enemy Porre PVT
BayonetPlus Single Enemy Porre SGT
Bazooka Single Enemy PolisPolice
BeatenEarth Single Enemy Cybot
Bite Single Enemy Mama Dingo
BlackRain All Enemies Man-At-Arms, Tragedienne
BodyPress Single Enemy Taurusoid
BodySlam Single Enemy Gurgoyle
BombsAway Single Enemy Fossicker
Breath All Enemies Mama Komodo
BrightEyes All Enemies Fossicker
Brimstone All Enemies Lynx, Fire Dragon, WillO'Wisp
BugKamikaze Single Enemy Roachester
BugSwatter Single Enemy PreyMantis
Catastrophe All Enemies Earth Dragon
Charge! Single Enemy Taurminator
ChokeSlam Single Enemy Taurusoid
ColdBreath Single Enemy Roachester
ConductaRod Single Enemy Dario
CrashPulse All Enemies Luxator
CrossCut (Double Tech) Single Enemy Solt and Peppor
CrunchOut Single Enemy Tyrano
DarkBeam Single Enemy Alphabat
DarkBreath Single/All Enemies Airframe, Black Dragon
DarkEnergy All Enemies FATE
DarkMist All Enemies Wraith
DashSlash Single Enemy Slash
DeathSaucer Single Enemy Lantern Jaw
Death'sOdor All Enemies DeadHead
DevilThunda All Enemies Bunyip
Devour Single Enemy Quadffid, Sidesteppa
ElementShot Single Enemy Hi Ho Tank
ExhaustGas All Enemies Highwayman
FieryBreath Single Enemy Fire Dragon
FireBreath All Enemies Fire Dragon
FlameKnock (Triple Tech) Single Enemy Ketchop, Solt, Peppor
FlameSword Single Enemy RedMoaman
Flap Single Enemy Pterodact
FlyLow Single Enemy Mantarrey
GiddyBreath Single Enemy Earth Dragon, Gurgoyle, Rockroach
GlideHook Single Enemy Lynx
Gnash Single Enemy Googhoul
GnawBones Single Enemy HotDoggity
GoBallistic All Enemies Combot
Goo Single Enemy Gloop
GooeyGoo All Enemies Giant Gloop
GravityBomb All Enemies Black Dragon
GunnerGetya Single Enemy Combot
HeartColor Single Enemy Geos
HeatRay Single Enemy FATE
Hexahitter Single Enemy Pentapus
HighBeam Single Enemy Gizmotoid
Hi-HoChorus Single Enemy DaffyDwarf, DaggyDwarf, Dwarf
Hi-HoWarCry All Enemies DaffyDwarf, DaggyDwarf, Dwarf
HolyBreath All Enemies Sky Dragon
HolyDragSwd Single Enemy Miguel
HotEdge Single Enemy Guillot
Hypnosis All Enemies Shadow Cat
IceBreath All Enemies Water Dragon
IceSword Single Enemy BlueMoaman
IceTongs Single Enemy Spearfisher
JitterBug All Enemies Roachester
JumpStart Single Enemy Sidesteppa
JurasicBeat All Enemies Prehysteric
Just4Kicks Single Enemy Lagoonate
Kissy-Wissy Single Enemy SunOfAGun
LavaBreath Single Enemy Lava-boy
LavaRush Single Enemy Lava-boy
Lunge Single Enemy Dragoon
MakeWaves All Enemies BeachBum
MaxDefense All Allies Ozzie
MegatonFist Single Enemy PolisPolice
ModeChange Self SunOfAGun
Multistab Single Enemy Sidesteppa
NaturalGas All Enemies Earth Dragon
NeedleWork Single Enemy Puffy, Scorpiod
NullState All Allies Sky Dragon
OmegaBlack Single Enemy Gravitor, Ozzie, Time Devourer
OmegaBlue Single Enemy Aquator, Slash, Time Devourer
OmegaGreen Single Enemy Anemotor, Ozzie, Time Devourer
OmegaRed Single Enemy Flea, Pyrotor, Time Devourer
OmegaWhite Single Enemy Luxator, Slash, Time Devourer
OmegaYellow Single Enemy Flea, Terrator, Time Devourer
OwlEyes Single Enemy Whoot
PaperMoon Single Enemy Paper Boy
PeaShooter Single Enemy Drongo
Peck Single Enemy Dodo
Pepporbox Single Enemy Peppor
Plasmabeam Single Enemy Cytoplasm, Ectoplasm
PoisonGas All Enemies Tragedienne, Wingapede
PowerDive Single Enemy Airframe
PutridOdor All Enemies Hydra
Rage All Allies Pyrotor
Rampage Single Enemy Highwayman
Raydiation All Enemies MegaStarky
Repair Self Hi Ho Tank
SadnessWave All Enemies Pyrotor, WightKnight
Shadow Single Enemy Shadow Cat
Sic'em Single Enemy Bubba Dingo
SlashAll Random Cupoid
Slime Single Enemy YellowBelly
SonicSword Single Enemy Dario
SpinOff Single Enemy Rockroach
SpiritsUp All Allies Hydra, Terrator, WightKnight
SquirtGun Single Enemy Gerridae, Komodo Pup, Mama Komodo, SandSquirt
Stinger Single Enemy PreyMantis
StormBlow Single Enemy Acacia PVT
SuckBlood Single Enemy Gobledygook, Tragedienne
SuicideBomb Single Enemy Bomber
Summersolt Single Enemy Solt
Surf'sUp Single Enemy Beach Bum
SwordDance Single Enemy Crossbones
TakeIn Single Enemy Giant Gloop
TheOld1-2-3 Single Enemy Cassowary
TheStare All Enemies Flea
ToxicBreath Single Enemy Gremlin
ToxicBurst All Enemies Potpourri
TripleCut Single Enemy Garai
TripleFist Single Enemy Cat Burglar
TsunamiBeam All Enemies Water Dragon
TwinTurbo (Triple Tech) Single Enemy KingMoaman, RedMoaman, BlueMoaman
VaryInnate Self Chamellion
Vortex All Enemies RoyalJelly
Wallop (Double Tech) Single Enemy SnibGoblin, SnobGoblin
WaveOfFear All Enemies Terrator, WightKnight
WhiteBreath Single Enemy Sky Dragon
Whop Single Enemy Pentapus
WillBreaker Single Enemy Garai
WindSlash Single Enemy Slash