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A Gremlin using ToxicBreath on Pip.
Type Magic
Color Green
Target Single Enemy
User Gremlin
Description Damage plus poison status effect

ToxicBreath (毒ブレス , Doku buresu, lit. Poison Breath?) is a Green Enemy Tech used by Gremlins in Chrono Cross. This tech allows Gremlins to belch out a cloud of toxic gas at a selected target, inflicting fairly heavy damage and possibly the Poison status effect.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Gremlin in question will stretch its arms in front of its body. A color-changing gas, tipped with dark energy weaving in and around, is then released from the Gremlin's mouth. The camera then shifts its focus to the selected target, who is engulfed in the fumes. The gas will shortly disappear as it cascades, in the form of yellow-colored bubbles, up the target's body.