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Viper and Radius performing VitalForce.
Type Physical
Color White
Target Single Enemy
User Viper and Radius
Description Combined VitalEnergy and AirForce double attack

VitalForce (真龍剣 , Shin ryū ken, lit. True Dragon Sword?) is a Double Tech in Chrono Cross. It requires the powers of VitalEnergy (Radius) and AirForce (Viper) to be performed. This tech will inflict heavy damage onto a selected target.

Description[edit | edit source]

Viper will first dash forward a few steps before swinging his sword to the right. A small explosion of light rays ensue upon contact with the target, and as this happens, Viper swings his sword upwards, causing said target to be sent soaring into the air. Radius and Viper will then take turns to slide through the target, leaving behind green and yellow trails respectively as they do so. A flash of light appears on the target as this takes place, which becomes brighter with each successive strike from each character. The target is then sent crashing back onto the ground. As it lays on the ground haplessly, Viper and Radius, with their weapons attached to each other's, will spiral in a downward direction. Their combined weapons will stab through the target, causing a small explosion of radiant light to occur, whereupon said target will sustain damage.