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MegaStarky using Raydiation on the party.
Type Magic
Color White
Target All Enemies
User MegaStarky

Raydiation (怪光線 , Kaikō sen?) is a White Enemy Tech used by the MegaStarky in Chrono Cross. This tech allows MegaStarky to call upon the radiating sun rays to inflict heavy damage on all his foes. He will only perform this tech when he is low on HP.

Description[edit | edit source]

MegaStarky will swirl around and propel himself into the air. As he turns to face his foes, his right hand is observed to glow with a radiant light. He then aims it at his foes and proceeds to release a beam of light-infused energy, swishing it from left to right. Pillars of light energy will rise and fall simultaneously as the energy beam comes into contact with the foes' bodies.