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Type Physical
Color Green/Blue
Target Single Enemy
User Quadffid, Sidesteppa
Description Damage plus the flu/poison status effect

Devour (食べる , Taberu, lit. Eat?) is a Enemy Tech used by Quaffids and Sidesteppas in Chrono Cross. This tech enables its user to literally devour a selected target, dealing fairly heavy damage in the process. This tech may also inflict the Poison (Quadffid) or Flu (Sidesteppa]] status effects.

Description[edit | edit source]

Quadffid[edit | edit source]

The Quadffid will open its mouth, and begin sucking in large quantities of air. The selected target will attempt to flee, but is sucked into the mouth of the Quaffid as well. The Quadffid will then proceed to chew the target a few times before spitting it back out.

Sidesteppa[edit | edit source]

The Sidesteppa will rush forward to position itself in front of the target, opening its mouthparts to devour said target. The user will then proceed to chew on the target, releasing a plethora of bubbles as it does so. It then leaps back to its starting position, before spitting out the swallowed target.