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Type Recovery Magic
Color White
Target Single
User Hi Ho Tank and Dwarf
Description Heals the Hi Ho Tank for around 110 HP

Repair (修理 shūri?, lit. "Repair") is a White Enemy Tech used by the Hi Ho Tank and Dwarf in Chrono Cross. When one of the two Dwarfs accompanying the Hi Ho Tank is still alive, they will use this tech in tandem with the Hi Ho Tank to heal some (around 100 - 110) of the Hi Ho Tank's HP.

Description[edit | edit source]

When used, the Dwarf that accompanies the Hi Ho Tank will start to clamber all across the Hi Ho Tank, presumably in an attempt to repair any broken parts. After several moments of this, the Dwarf will return to battle position and the Hi Ho Tank will be healed for a modest amount of HP.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Simply defeat the two Dwarves that accompany the Hi Ho Tank, as this will completely prevent them from being able to use this ability. Alternatively, use Green elemental magic, possibly in conjunction with Magnify if you have it to increase magic damage, to defeat the Hi Ho Tank quickly. The Repair tech is not terribly powerful, so you should be able to defeat the Tank without the healing capabilities of the boss + dwarf giving too much trouble, though there isn't much reason to even let it get to a stage where it uses this tech given how easy it is to defeat the Dwarves first.