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Lynx uses Brimstone on the party in Viper Manor.
Type Magic
Color Red
Target All Opponents
User Lynx,WillO'Wisp,Fire Dragon
Description Damage plus burn's status effect

Brimstone (赤い雨 , Akai ame, lit. Red rain?) is a Red Enemy Tech used by Lynx in Chrono Cross. It is one of the only Techs used in the game that does not match the Innate color of the caster. As a Black Innate, Lynx should only cast Black Techs, but this is one exception. He casts it during the boss battle that occurs in Another World's Viper Manor, when Kid and Serge discover the Dragon Tear. Because the battle is not actually fought against Lynx but a "Shadow Illusion" of himself, this may explain why, despite his Innate, he casts it. This Tech is also used by WillO'Wisp and the Fire Dragon.

Description[edit | edit source]

Summoning several fiery comets from the sky, they pummel the party members successively for decent portions of damage.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Brimstone is a word often included with fire to describe the atmosphere of Hell, an afterlife designated for those who sin in many religious traditions.