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The Sprigg-transformed Beach Bum using MakeWaves in Lizard Rock.
Type Physical
Color Blue
Target All Enemies
User Beach Bum

MakeWaves (波紋 , Hamon, lit. Ripples?) is a Blue Enemy Tech used by Beach Bums in Chrono Cross. This tech allows Beach Bums to create ripples in the ground to inflict fairly heavy damage onto all their foes.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Beach Bum in question will start off by raising its arms. A blue swirl of energy will then spiral up its body, whereupon it slams its arms onto the ground. The ground will reverberate in response, and the camera will shift its focus to the foes, whereby a tiny pillar of blue energy is observed to have formed on each of the said foes. The foes will sustain damage as the energy disappears.