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Lizard Rock

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Lizard Rock

Lizard Rock
Japanese name トカゲ岩
Bosses Fought in Home World Mama Komodo
Enemies Fought in Home World BeachBum, Komodo Pup, SandSquirt
Enemies Fought in Another World BeachBum, Komodo Pup, Opah Fish, SandSquirt
Items, Elements and Equipment found in Home World Bone, Ivory Helmet, Silver Loupe, Fireball, Tablet
Items, Elements and Equipment found in Another World Bone, Feather, Ivory Helmet
Music Played Dancing the Tokage ~Lizard Dance~

Lizard Rock (トカゲ岩?) is a location in Chrono Cross, and is a rocky area that separates Opassa Beach from the rest of the main El Nido island.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Water ran through it in several spots, and palm trees adorned the rough landscape. Populated by Komodo Pups, it became a popular hunting ground in Home World around 1020 A.D.; some residents from Arni would take them as pets, while others would try to nab a scale off them.

Story[edit | edit source]

Serge succeeded in getting three, though he angered the Mama Komodo and had to subdue the beast. In Another World, Lizard Rock was outfitted with signs warning visitors to turn back due to the danger of Opassa Beach, where Lynx drowned Serge.

Info[edit | edit source]