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Enemy Types (Chrono Cross)

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Enemy Types, in Chrono Cross, are what govern whether an enemy is weak or not against a weapon's physical attack.

List of enemy types[edit | edit source]

Demon (魔族)[edit | edit source]

Demons are vulnerable to the Hero's Blade and Mastermune.

Dragon (龍)[edit | edit source]

Vulnerable to Mastermune

Floating (浮遊)[edit | edit source]

Vulnerable to all Guns, Shots and Boomerangs.

More specifically: Argent Gun, Bone Shot, Bronze Shot, Bronzerang, Denadorite Gun, Ferrous Gun, Mastermune, Pack of Lies, Plasma Pistol, Prism Pellets, Prismarang, Private Deck, Rockerang, Shockwave Gun, Silver Shot, Silverang, Spectral Gun, Steel Shot, Steelerang, Stone Shot

Human (人)[edit | edit source]

Vulnerable to Floral Rod, Mastermune, Pack of Lies

Matter (物質)[edit | edit source]

Matter enemies are weak to weapons made of Denadorite, amongst others. To be more precise, they are weak to Denadorite Dagger, Denadorite Gun, Denadorite Rod, Granite Glove, Mastermune, Pebble Pick, Rockerang, Saucepan SiO2, Stone Axe, Stone Lure, Stone Shot, Stone Staff, Stone Swallow, Stone Sword.


None (なし)[edit | edit source]

"None" means an enemy has no particular vulnerabilities to any physical weapon. "Marine" types are effectively the same.

Marine[edit | edit source]

Soft (軟体)[edit | edit source]

Vulnerable to Hero's Blade, Mastermune, Plasma Pistol, Shockwave Gun

Zombie (ゾンビ)[edit | edit source]

Vulnerable to Einlanzer, Hero's Blade, Mastermune. They also die instantly to the White Element HolyLight.