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Japanese name ママチャ
Career Gutsy Mother of Two
Age 38
Gender Female
Origin Guldove
World Another World
Height 5'6"
Weight 150 lbs
Build Stout
Laterality Right-handed
Weapon Kitchen Utensils
Innate Element Red
"Why can't we all just be happy for once? If only we could all hold hands and live together in peace and harmony? Why can't people understand this...?"
— Macha

Macha (ママチャ , Mamacha?) is the strong-willed mother of Korcha and sets an example for her son by living bravely. She appears early on in Chrono Cross.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Plump and dark-skinned, Macha is always seen smiling. Wearing a purple dress with a red and yellow hemmed slit, her hair is also purple. To match her pink headband, she wears a pink halter-top. On her headband is an exotic flower with red and orange petals. For jewelry, bronze-colored earrings dangle from her ears, several thin necklaces of the same metal wrap around her throat, a patterned bracelet is worn above her elbow, and a matching anklet sits above her shoeless feet. As a mother, Macha tends to many household chores. So it is no wonder she wields cooking utensils and carries around a basket of laundry. Even her techs reflect her duties as housewife.

Story[edit | edit source]

Growing up in Guldove, Macha is cultured in its way of life. Later in her life, she marries a man, and together, they birth Korcha. Her husband somehow perishes from unknown causes and is never mentioned by her or her children. Though she raises Korcha with a mother's love, Korcha becomes free-spirited and wild. Regardless, Macha has the final say in any matters regarding her son. After his birth, she also adopted Mel; her two children live in the residential tower with her. When Korcha refuses to lend Serge his boat after Serge declines to look for Hydra Humour to cure Kid's poison, Macha intervenes and lends them the boat of her own accord. Arriving in Termina, she reprimands the dock overseer-er for not allowing them to dock their vessel there. She then joins the party and accompanies Serge on the rest of his adventure.

Info on Macha's brother(s) and husband[edit | edit source]

  • It is stated in the Chrono Cross Ultimania on Orcha's character page that Macha is the younger sister of Orcha, which would also make her a sister to Belcha.
  • It is also said in the Japan-only book "Missing Piece" (on Orcha's page) that Macha's husband's name was "Papacha" (パパチャ?), and that he is thought to have cut a slim figure based on the fact that Korcha is not as large framed as his mother or two uncles.

Note that none of the information concerning Orcha or "Papacha"/Macha's husband is directly stated in the game proper.

How to Recruit[edit | edit source]

Macha joins the party if the player decides not to save Kid after she is poisoned.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Balanced stats

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • None

Tech Skills:[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The Ma at the beginning of her name is probably a reference to the colloquialism for mother. This is further reinforced by her Japanese name, which is "Mamacha" - just like in English, in Japanese, "mama" is a colloquial term for mother. "CHA" seems to be a phonentic addition to word endings in the Guldove dialect. Combined, her name indicates that she is a mother from Guldove.
  • Macha appears to be the feminized form of the word macho, though this only applies to her English name, so this is probably unintended by the developers.

Gallery[edit | edit source]