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Leena wielding the Spatula Ca20
Japanese Name 家庭用品
Equipment Type Melee Weapon

Utensils are a type of weapon in Chrono Cross. Of the 45 playable characters, they can only be equipped by Leena, Orcha and Macha. As the name implies, they are kitchen utensils, with there being a motley assortment of spoons, brooms and pans available for the three aforementioned characters to bludgeon their foes with.

Utensils (Weapon)
Equippable by: Leena Orcha Macha
Name Japanese name Attack Hit% Cost Materials Special Effects How to acquire Notes
Spatula Ca20 骨のターナー 8 29% 40 G 1 Bone, 1 Carapace 1. Leena's starting weapon.
2. Shop in Arni (Another World)
Can be sold for 185 G
Besom Cu29 銅のほうき 10 30% 150 G 1 Copper, 1 Humour,
1 Carapace
1. Macha's starting weapon
2. Shops in Termina (Another World) and Guldove (Another World)
Ladle Fe26 鉄のレードル 12 31% 420 G 1 Iron 1 Humour,
1 Carapace
Arni (both Home and Another World),
Guldove (Home World),
Smith Spirit
Frypan Ag47 銀のオムレツパン 16 31% 1600 G 1 Mythril, 1 Humour, 1 Fur, 1 Carapace 1. Orcha's starting weapon.
Shops in Arni (Home World)
Termina (Another World)
Guldove (Both Home and Another World)
Smith Spirit
Saucepan Si02 石のナベ 20 32% 7980 G 1 Denadorite, 2 Humour, 1 Fur, 2 Carapace Extra damage to Matter type enemies. Shops in Termina (Another World)
Guldove (Both Home and Another World)
Marbule (Home World) Smith Spirit
Crystalpan C6 虹のフライパン 25 33% 24000 G 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Humour
1 Fur, 1 Carapace,
1 S.Ember, 1 S.Dew,
1 S.Leaf, 1 S.Sand,
1 S.Salt, 1 S.Soot
Shops in Termina (Another World), Smith Spirit