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Einlanzer (Upgraded)

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Einlanzer (Upgraded)

One of the Einlanzers
Japanese Name イルランザー(二刀流)
Equipment Type Sword
Attack 26
Effect Automatically cures HP every turn. 5% boost to physical damage. High critical hit rate.
Hit % 33%

Einlanzer (Upgraded) (イルランザー(二刀流) iruranzā (nitōryū)?, "Einlanzer (Dual Blades)"), also known as Dual Einlanzers, are a pair of Einlanzers and a weapon in Chrono Cross. The two blades can only be equipped by Glenn. They automatically cure HP every turn, provide a 5% boost to physical attacks, and greatly increase Glenn's critical hit rate. They cannot be sold or disassembled.

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Bring Glenn to Dario's grave in Termina (Another World) after defeating Dario (Boss) and acquiring the Mastermune.