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Pack of Lies

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Pack of Lies
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Japanese Name 嘘のカード
Equipment Type Card
Description The function of these cards is unbelievable.
Attack + 12-25
Effect Extra Damage: Floating, Human types
Hit % 33%
Price N/A
Materials 1 Denadorite, 6 Eyeballs, 6 Fur
Treasure Chests Terra Tower

Pack of Lies (嘘のカード uso no kādo?, "Card(s) of Lies") is a weapon in Chrono Cross. There is only one in the game, found in a chest in Terra Tower. Like all shots and cards, it does extra damage to Floating type enemies, but in addition the Pack of Lies also does extra damage to Human type enemies. It can be disassembled for 1 Denadorite, 6 Eyeballs, and 6 Fur.