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Sword (Chrono Cross)

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This article is about the weapon type from Chrono Cross. For the weapon type of the same name from Chrono Trigger, see: Sword
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Japanese Name ソード
Equipment Type Melee Weapon

Swords are a type of weapon in Chrono Cross. 6 of the 45 playable characters can equip them: Glenn, Viper, Fargo, Turnip, Steena, and Pierre.

Equippable by: Pierre Glenn Viper Fargo Steena Turnip
Name Japanese name Attack Hit% Cost Materials Special Effects How to acquire Notes
Bone Sword ボーンソード 8 29% N/A 1 Bone, 1 Leather 1. Pierre's starting weapon (only one in the game)
Bronze Sword ブロンズソード 10 30% 150 G 1 Copper, 1 Humour, 1 Leather 1. Shops in Termina (Another World) and Guldove (Another World)
2. Viper Manor (Another World)
Can be sold for 190 G
Hero's Blade 勇者の剣 11 33% N/A N/A When equipped together with the other two hero items (the Hero's Shield and the the Hero's Medal), increases Pierre's evasion percentage by 25% and doubles his critical hit rate. the following two conditions must first be met:

When this is done, talk to Piere in Termina (Another World), and the Prop Sword will become the Hero's Blade. Pierre will also learn his level 7 element tech, the SlapOfCyrus.

Only Pierre can equip it.
Cannot be sold or disassembled.
Steel Sword アイアンソード 13 31% 420 G 1 Iron, 1 Humour, 1 Leather Shops in Arni (Home World), Zappa's Smithy in Termina (Another World), Guldove (Home World), Smith Spirit Can be sold for 370 G
Silver Sword ミスリルソード 16 31% 1200 G 1 Humour, 1 Leather, 1 Mythril 1. Shops in Arni (Home World), Termina (Another World), Guldove (both Home and Another World), Smithy
2. starting weapon of Fargo, Viper, and Steena.
Stone Sword デナドロソード 20 32% 7980 G 1 Denadorite, 2 Humour, 2 Leather, and 1 Screw Extra damage to Matter type enemies. Shops in Termina (Another World), Guldove (Both Worlds), Marbule (Home), Smith Spirit
Einlanzer イルランザー 21 33% 1. Does extra damage to Zombie-type enemies.
2. Automatically recovers small amount of HP each turn.
Only Glenn can equip it. Cannot be sold or disassembled.
Viper's Venom 蛇骨大剣 23 29% Chest in Viper Manor (Another World) Only Viper can equip it. It cannot be sold or disassembled.
Slasher ソイソー刀 23 33% Increases Critical Hit Rate. Common drop from Slash (Chrono Cross) in the Bend of Time. Only obtainable in New Game Plus It cannot be disassembled or sold.
Spectral Sword プリズムソード +25 33% 24000 G 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Humour, 1 Leather, 1 Screw, S.Ember, 1 S.Dew, 1 S.Leaf, 1 S.Sand, 1 S.Salt, 1 S.Soot Shops in Termina (Another World, Smith Spirit
Einlanzer (Upgraded) イルランザー(二刀流) 26 33% 1. Does extra damage to Zombie-type enemies.
2. Automatically recovers small amount of HP every turn.
Only Glenn can equip it. Cannot be disassembled or sold.