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Hero's Medal

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Hero's Medal
Description One piece of the three-piece hero's collection. Said to prove the wearer is a true hero.

Hero's Medal (勇者バッジ?) is an accessory and key item in Chrono Cross. It is but one of the three pieces to the Hero collection. It is said that whoever wears the medal proves that the wearer is a true hero.

Story[edit | edit source]

Serge acquires this mythic item in Termina (Another World) from a young man who finds it and cavorts in the lawn beside Zappa's Smithy. At first, the young man refuses to relinquish the item, but Kid mentions she knows someone who is looking for it. The young man hands it over, proclaiming he would rather be a hero than a thief. The party then presents it to Pierre inside Zappa's Smithy. In turn, Pierre agrees to guide him and his party to Viper Manor and equips the medal as an accessory. As an accessory, the medal grants Pierre the element Medalsome. If Serge chooses Nikki or Guile as a guide to Viper Manor, the Hero's Medal is not obtained.

Connections to Chrono Trigger[edit | edit source]

In-game artwork of this item does not align with lore. While much speculation exists pertaining to whether this item is, in fact, the fabled Hero's Badge from Chrono Trigger and the incorrectness of the artwork supports oppositions to this claim. However, Pierre, in game, is seen wearing the accessory and the in-game artwork reflects the artwork of the Hero's Badge; The medal is blue and yellow, featuring the cameo of a helmeted knight.

The medal is acquired from a young man who prides at being dubbed a hero. In Chrono Trigger, a similar event occurs. A young man named Tata acquires the medal while playing in Denadoro Mountains and gladly relinquishes the item to save face.

Gallery[edit | edit source]