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Pendragon Sigil B

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Pendragon Sigil B
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Japanese Name 中級魔剣士の証
Equipment Type Accessory
Description Shifts attribute of Element attacks received to weapon. (Low to mid-level elements.)
Sell 210 G
Materials 1 Iron
Stolen From common steal from Peppor (Enemy) (Mount Pyre) (Another World)
rare steal from Solt (Enemy) Isle of the Damned (Another World)
common steal from Lynx (Boss) (Fort Dragonia) (Another World)
Won From common drop from Lynx (Boss (Fort Dragonia) (Another World)
Treasure Chests Hydra Marshes (Another World)

Pendragon Sigil B is an accessory in Chrono Cross. It can be equipped by all characters.

When equipped, it increases the strength of the wearer. It also makes it so that when an enemy hits the wearer with a low or mid-level element, the wearer gets imbued with the same element. For example, if Serge (innate white elemental) is hit by an enemy's Upheaval (yellow elemental spell) while wearing the Pendragon Sigil B, it basically has the same effect as if Serge was hit by TurnYellow, turning Serge's white innate element into yellow.

It can be disassembled for 1 Iron, and sold for 210 G.

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