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Sunglasses (Chrono Cross)

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This article is about the accessory from Chrono Cross. You may be looking for the accessory Sunglasses from Chrono Trigger.
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Japanese Name 太陽のメガネ
Equipment Type Accessory
Description Increases the damage done by all kinds of attacks you make on your enemies.
Effect Increases the damage wearer inflicts by 25%. Also makes consumable elements more potent.
Sell 3335 G
Materials 1 Iron, 1 Mythril, 1 Denadorite
Won From Criosphinx - Common Drop

Sunglasses (Chrono Cross) (太陽のメガネ taiyō no megane?) is an accessory in Chrono Cross.

Equippable by all characters, it increases the damage that the wearer inflicts on enemies by 25%. It also increases the potency of consumable elements, like Tablets. There is only one in the game, which can be obtained as a common drop from the boss Criosphinx fought on the Earth Dragon Isle (Another World).

This accessory's name is a reference to the Sunglasses (AKA "Sun Shades") from Chrono Trigger, and its effects are roughly the same.

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