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This article is about the accessory from Chrono Trigger. You may be looking for the accessory Sunglasses (Chrono Cross) from Chrono Cross.
Sun Shades.png
Japanese Name たいようのメガネ
SNES/PSX Name Sun Shades
Equipment Type Accessory
Description Magical glasses that grant unrivaled power.
Effect All damage the wearer inflicts is increased 25%
Won From Complete the Sun Stone sidequest, and Taban will create it.

Sunglasses (たいようのメガネ taiyō no megane?) (also known as Sun Shades in the SNES/PS version) is an accessory in Chrono Trigger. It can be equipped by all characters. When equipped, it increases the damage the wearer inflicts on enemies by 25%.

To acquire it, after charging the Moon Stone in Sun Keep from Prehistory to the Future, bring the Sun Stone to Taban in Lucca's House, and he will create the Sunglasses from it. Arguably Lucca's best gun, the Wondershot, is also created from this stone.