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Ivory Helmet

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Ivory Helmet
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Japanese Name ボーンメット
Equipment Type Accessory
Defense +1
Magic Defense +1
Price 40 G
Sell 37 G
Materials 1 Bone, 1 Screw
Vendor Locations Arni (Both Worlds)
Smithy in Termina (Another World)
Won From Solt (Enemy) in Cape Howl (Another World)
Treasure Chests Arni (Home World)
Lizard Rock (Home and Another World)

Ivory Helmet (ボーンメット?) is an accessory in Chrono Cross. It is the weakest of the five helmets in Chrono Cross

Note that, in Chrono Cross, helmets are classified as accessories. Each of the 45 playable character has three accessory slots. However, it is not possible to equip more than one Ivory Helmet to a character. This is because in Chrono Cross, accessories can essentially be classified into two subdivisions - regular Acessories, which can be equipped freely (three per character), and Headgear, of which only a single one can be equipped per charater.

Other helms in Chrono Cross[edit | edit source]

(the below Helms are listed from weakest to strongest. Note the Ivory Helmet is weaker than all of them.)