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Blue Brooch

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This article is about the accessory. You may be looking for Sapphire Brooch, the Key Item.
Blue Brooch
Sapphire Brooch.jpg
Japanese Name 青いブローチ
Equipment Type Accessory
Description Protection against AntiBlue and blue status effects.
Effect Protects against AntiBlue and Blue status ailments
Materials Cannot be disassembled.
Won From Show the Sapphire Brooch to Orlha

Blue Brooch is an accessory in Chrono Cross. This accessory originates from the Key Item called the Sapphire Brooch, and is acquired simultaneously with Orlha's level-7 tech SisterHoods.

When equipped, the Blue Brooch prevents the wearer from being inflicted by the Blue elemental Status Effects: AntiRed, Flu, and Frozen.

Obtain[edit | edit source]

Originally obtained from Orlha in Guldove's tavern as the Sapphire Brooch, after Serge has been transformed into Lynx, the brooch is used as a token to prove that Lynx has, indeed, inadvertently swapped bodies with the nefarious demi-human, Lynx. Upon receiving his body back, Serge returns the heirloom of Orlha's deceased twin-sister Tia, Orlha joins the party.

Bring Orlha to Doc in Home World, and she will have the chance to meet the alternate version of her sister. After exchanging touching dialogue, Tia dies and the Blue Brooch transforms into an equip-able accessory. The accessory, when equipped, makes the wearer immune to the Blue Status Effects.

Conflicts[edit | edit source]

Since Orlha's Blue Brooch is derived from a Key Item, it will not transfer over to a New Game + save, so you will be unable to equip it until you obtain it again in New Game +.