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Shiny Ember

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Shiny Ember (輝く火?) is a crafting material in Chrono Cross. It is necessary to create Prism/Rainbow equipment, which are generally the strongest equipment in the game.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

This material, like all Shiny materials, can only be obtained in two ways:

One is by defeating enemies with the Red Summons RedWolf and Salamander.

The other is by disassembling equipment (weapons, armor and accessories) which was made with this material. This includes all Prism equipment, which won't be listed below aside from two exceptions as most of them must be forged to acquire.

Items that can be disassembled for Shiny Ember[edit | edit source]

The easiest way to acquire this material aside from Summons is to farm the Poultice Cap (common steals from Mama Dingo and CatBurglar) and Flame Charm (common steal from Lava-Boy); as the others are all missable and only one of each exists per playthrough.