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Beeba Flute

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Beeba Flute
Item Type Key Item
Description A mysterious flute handed down in the Beeba tribe. It allows you to tame the wildest of Wingapedes!

The Beeba Flute (ピパ族の虫笛 pipazoku no mushibue?, "Pipa Tribe's Insect Flute") is an item in Chrono Cross. When Serge first attempted to use this wooden flute, the Wingapede attacked and sent him below to fight the Pentapus. Later, during the quest to collect the Dragon God relics, Serge successfully used the Beeba Flute to call a Wingapede and travel to Gaea's Navel.

Info[edit | edit source]

  • Found At: In Hydra Marshes, defeat the first Beeba in battle and it will apologize and give the flute to Serge (if he decided to save Kid in Guldove).
  • Use: Use the flute at certain spots to call upon a Wingapede. Providing it with Ancient Fruit allows the player to mount the beast.