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Astral Amulet

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Astral Amulet
Astral Amulet
Item Type Key Item
Description A small, star-colored talisman.

The Astral Amulet (星色のお守り袋 hoshi-iro no o-mamoribukuro?, Star-Colored Pouch) is an item in Chrono Cross. Given to Kid by Lucca, this enigmatic pouch contains a wooden amulet that allows the user to jump dimensions. Embroidered on the bag is the royal emblem of Zeal and many speculate the item therein is, in fact, Schala's Pendant. Since Kid is the incarnation of this ancient woman, it seems likely. But the Pendant was clearly constructed from Dreamstone, while this amulet is wooden.

Info[edit | edit source]

  • Found At: Kid presents Serge with the amulet if he decides to find and obtain Hydra Humour, a rare medicine that could cure Kid of the poison. If not, Harle gives it to Serge when he returns to Home World.
  • Use: Allows the party to travel between worlds near the green wormhole at Opassa Beach.