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Memento Pendant

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Memento Pendant
Description A beautiful, intricately-made pendant that once belonged to Dario's mother.

The Memento Pendant (形見のペンダント?) is an item in Chrono Cross. This beautiful pendant once belonged to Dario's mother. He proposed marriage to Riddel, and gave it to her when she agreed to marry him. After his death at the Isle of the Damned, the General had taken the pendant and hidden it, so his daughter would avoid remembering the tragedy; she was still in deep mourning over his death at the time.

Info[edit | edit source]

  • Found at: Isle of the Damned (Another World)
  • Use: If Riddel is brought to the Isle of the Damned (Home World), she will find that Dario is somehow alive. After he sees the Memento Pendant, he remembers his past. Also, he remembers the sword, and in remembering this, he is corrupted.
  • Acquired: After defeating both Solt and Peppor, the player will receive the Memento Pendant.