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Panacea (Element)

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This article is about the Element from Chrono Cross. You may be looking for Panacea from Chrono Trigger.

Luccia uses a Panacea on herself.
Japanese Name オールクリア
Type Consumable
Color White
Allocation Level 4±0
Target One Ally
User Any
Trappable No
Description Removes all status effects

Panacea (オールクリア , All Clear?) is a 4th-level White Element in Chrono Cross. Curing a single ally of all negative Status Effects, only five Panacea can be allocated per Element slot. As with most other consumable Elements, Panacea can be equipped multiple times at a single Element level. Panacea can be used outside of battle or in battle. After rescuing Fargo and his sailors from the Ghost Ship, the Demi-human merchant in Guldove sells Panacea for 500 G each. Several Panacea (five) are found in treasure chests aboard the S.S. Invincible. After battles, Cupoid and Chamellion drop Panacea, while they are stolen from Radius.

Description[edit | edit source]

A wreath of white light encompasses the target, as a starburst of violet lights radiate from the target's core. Several miniature blue orbs surround the target as well, fizzling in a burst of sparkles.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Webster defines Panacea as being, " a remedy for all ills or difficulties, a cure-all." In Greek mythology, Panacea is the mother deity of healing.