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Kid uses the Element TurnBlack on a PortalGheist to make it susceptible to White Elements.

Elements are a gameplay concept from Chrono Cross that replace Techs and Items from Chrono Trigger. Everything and everyone in existence has an Element color. This color determines the nature of the person or object. Every character has an Element color associated with them, and this determines how and what Elements that character may use. While any character can use any Element of any color, characters who cast Elements that match their Innate color have damage multipliers. A character is resistant to attacks of their own color, but weak to attacks of the opposite color. Characters are also influenced by the Field Effect. Specific Elements, called Tech Skills, are exclusive to individual characters and always match their Innate color, with the exclusion of Pip, who evolves into different creatures and thus changes innates, and Sprigg, whose Tech Skill Doppelgang allows her to transform into creatures with different innate elements.

Elements can be special attacks, magic spells, consumable items, or summons.

Element colors[edit | edit source]

There are six element colors:

  • Red - The element color associated with Fire and Health
  • Blue - The element color associated with Water and Stamina
  • Green - The element color associated with Air and Nature
  • Yellow - The element color associated with Earth and Electricity
  • Black - The element color associated with Shadow and Destruction
  • White - The element color associated with Light and Life

The elements also exist in opposition to one another:

  • Red <-> Blue
  • Green <-> Yellow
  • Black <-> White

Element Grid[edit | edit source]

Kid prepares her Elements before entering a battle.

Every character and enemy has an Element Grid into which they can allocate Elements. This grid varies for each character, but can be a maximum of eight spaces long, signifying the eight Element levels. As a character levels up, their Element grid expands.

Each Element has an allocation level and an offset. The allocation level indicates what level of the grid the Element is intended for. The offset indicates how many levels above or below the allocation level the Element can be set in the Element grid. For example, a 3/1 Element can be put into levels 2, 3, or 4. By putting an element into a lower level than its allocation level, it is de-powered and will not be as effective. By putting an Element into a higher level, it becomes more powerful / effective.

To use Elements, characters must first "unlock" the Element grid by way of combat. At the start of combat, no Elements are available for casting. In order to cast an Element, a character must attack an opponent with either a weak, an average, or a strong attack. Weak attacks add 1 to the Element Grid level, seen above the blue bar on the battle screen. Average attacks add 2 and Strong attacks add 3. Each attack increases the level of Elements that can be cast. For instance, to cast a fourth level Element such as Numble (if it is allocated at level 4), a character must accumulate 4 Element Grid levels. To do so, the character could use four Weak attacks, 2 Average attacks and 2 Weak attacks, or 1 Weak attack and one Strong attack. Once an Element of a specific element is cast, it subtracts from the Element Grid Level; and needs to be built back up to, for instance, cast another 4th level Element. Additionally, characters can go over the level of the Element they want to cast.

Field Effect[edit | edit source]

People and objects are not the only things that are affected by an Element color. Every point in the world also has an Element color. Being the world itself, it is innately ALL Elemental colors. It is the actions of people in those areas that have an effect on the local Elemental field, called the Field Effect.

By using Elements, the Field Effect is altered. Simply using Elements changes the primary color of the local Elemental field. The local Elemental field is three levels deep. As Elements are used, their innate colors are "pushed down" in the Elemental field until they are pushed out altogether. The local Elemental field also has an effect on characters, empowering them if the local field color is partly or fully their innate color, and de-powering them if its is opposite.

Completely changing the local field effect color (so that all three levels are the same color) unlocks more powerful Elements such as summons.

The Field Effect icon is found in the upper left corner of the screen during battles.

Element Types[edit | edit source]

There are several types of elements. (Magic, Consumable, Tech Skills, Field Effect, Traps, and Summons)

Magic[edit | edit source]

These magic spells call upon the Element of their color to either harm the enemy or buff / protect allies. They target either one or all enemies / allies.

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Consumables are the equivalent of items. They can be used repeatedly, and must be in your inventory to use. When your inventory runs out, you can no longer use consumables in combat.

Techs[edit | edit source]

Characters in Chrono Cross have Techs that match their own innate color and cannot be used by other characters. This has the same effect on the Elemental field as any other Element. Certain characters can link their Techs together to form a Double Tech and even a Triple Tech. These three Techs are learned at a certain number of stars and are auto-allocated into levels 3, 5, and 7, respectively. Character Techs are listed on each character's profile: List of Chrono Cross characters.

Enemies possess specific Techs as well. Unlike characters, however, they share Techs with many other enemies across the El Nido Sea. For a list of Enemy Techs reference this: Enemy Techs.

All Techs are indicated by a circular shape near the first letter in the tech's caption. This circle is half-white and half-gray, similar in shape to the Yin yang.

Field Effect[edit | edit source]

These Elements alter the local Elemental field color directly, changing it entirely to one type. This is advantageous as well as dangerous, since, when the Field is entirely one color, Techs and Elements of that color receive large damage multipliers. BlueField, for instance, changes the entire field color to Blue. Performing a tech other than Blue would remove the multiple. Additionally, normal physical blows do not alter the Field Effect.

Traps[edit | edit source]

The Shaker Brothers demonstrate Trap-use on Mount Pyre.

Traps are Elements that are used to capture Elements from enemies. Trap Elements are indicated by a downward arrow (↓) adjacent to the name of the Element which they trap. To Trap an Element, the Trap must be placed prior to the foe casting it. Should the foe be defeated before casting the desired Element, the Trap is lost. The Shaker Brothers provide a demonstration of Traps when encountered in Mount Pyre.

Summons[edit | edit source]

Summons are rare Elements that call forth beings of incredible power. They are so powerful that the local field must be entirely of the same Elemental color as the summon, or else it will not work. Summons can also only be used by a character of the same innate Elemental color.

Summons cost Star Levels to cast - this is indicated by a Star icon in the upper left corner of the battle screen next to the Field Effect icon. The two numbers next to the Star icon indicate how many Star Levels you have acquired and how many you have left to use (for example, 5/30 would mean you have 30 Star Levels, and have 5 Star Levels left to use - with 25 of them having already being used). Each usage of a Summon decreases the Star Level by 1. When Star Levels run to 0, the only way to recover them is to sleep at an inn. The total number of Star Levels in one's posession increases as one proceeds through the game and defeat bosses.

One final thing to note about Summons is that when regular enemies are defeated by a Summon, they will not drop their regular assortment of items, but will instead drop Shiny Materials which are necessary to forge powerful Prism/Rainbow equipment. Which Shiny Materials are dropped depends on the Element color of the Summon, as listed below:

Element Lists[edit | edit source]

Below are lists of Elements in Chrono Cross, broken up by Elemental color. The attributes of each include:

  • Name
  • Allocation
  • Type
  • Target
  • Description

NOTE: Elements marked with (*) can only be used by characters of that innate color.

Character Techs[edit | edit source]

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Red Elements[edit | edit source]

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Blue Elements[edit | edit source]

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Green Elements[edit | edit source]

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Yellow Elements[edit | edit source]

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Black Elements[edit | edit source]

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White Elements[edit | edit source]

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Trap Elements[edit | edit source]

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