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Leah and Draggy performing DraggyRider on a Combot.
Type Physical
Color Yellow
Target Single Enemy
User Draggy and Leah
Description Try a DragonRider attack like the big boys do!

DraggyRider (ドラゴンライド , Doragon raido, lit. Dragon Rider?) is a Double Tech in Chrono Cross. This double tech requires the combined powers of BigBreath (Draggy) and TripleKick (Leah) to be performed on a selected target. This tech will inflict devastating damage onto the target in question.

Description[edit | edit source]

The tech starts off with Leah beating her chest, alongside Draggy bounding clumsily to her side. Draggy will then look up at Leah, who promptly leaps onto his back. Draggy will then struggle to rise into the air, beating his wings furiously as he does so. He then puffs out a small ball of fire, whereupon Leah jumps off his back and charges towards the target. As Draggy lands back onto the ground feeling rather exhausted, Leah will crash into the target, causing a mini explosion of sorts to occur.