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The Chrono Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the Chrono series.

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Please refer to Copyright Policy as well as the Media Upload Policy for Chrono Wiki. If there are any questions, please direct them into the discussion page. Be sure to always refer to the Manual of Style when editing. It helps! Thanks!
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Pierre casting Medalsome

Medalsome (バッジスパーク , Bajji supāku, lit. Spark Badge?) is a tech used in Chrono Cross. Learned by Pierre after acquiring three boss stars, Medalsome restores 25% of his health instantly. Pierre must equip the Hero's Medal to perform Medalsome. When combined with the Hero's Blade and Hero's Shield, Medalsome increases all of Pierre's stats and decreases magic damage inflicted on him by 25%. (more...)

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Don't worry, folks, it'll be back. Spekkio is just on a time-travel expedition now, and can't update enough.

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I look around the tiny room. There's a sink, pots and pans, and a bunch of food in the cupboards. A rat hangs in a cage off in a corner, but aside from that, it's a pretty average kitchen.

Kitchenette, a tiny room in Viper Manor. Don't forget the stew in it! It heals you up better than your grandma's stew can, that's for sure.

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"First, a great fiery stone will crash to the earth. Its flames will soon spread to scorch every corner of the land. Then the chill will begin to creep across the blackened plains, ushering in a long, cruel age of ice and snow. Ha ha ha... A fitting end to our age indeed! Mwa ha ha ha ha!"
Azala, Chrono Trigger (DS)

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