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Japanese Name サンドラ (Sandora, lit. Sandra)
Location Lizard Rock
Cape Howl
Type Marine
Gender Varies
Doppelgang Yes
HP Innate
26 Blue
Attack Magic Attack
3 4
Defense Magic Defense
0 0
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
Fang Scale
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
Tablet N/A
Absorbs Immune
18 G

The SandSquirt is an enemy fought in Chrono Cross. These miniature water dragons have scales of varying shades of blue covering their bodies, alongside a pair of stubby arms and a pair of large reptilian legs. Wearing a constant goofy smile on their faces, SandSquirts can be found accompanying Beach Bums, Komodo Pups and Opah Fishes in Lizard Rock. They can be trapped in the Forget-Me-Not Pot and added to the pool of Doppelgangs performed by Sprigg.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

SandSquirts never appear on the terrain of Lizard Rock itself, but instead accompany Beach Bums, Komodo Pups and Opah Fishes into battle, usually in pairs. They attack by snapping their jaws at selected targets, inflicting mediocre amounts of damage in the process. SandSquirts are also able to use a very small range of Blue elements, such as AquaBeam and Cure, the former of which they use more frequently. They also share a special tech which they share with Gerridaes and Komodo Pups, which is that of SquirtGun. SquirtGun allows SandSquirts to literally spit out a stream of water at selected targets, which may inflict fairly heavy damage onto selected targets. On the whole, SandSquirts are weak, both physically and magically, and should not pose too much of a challenge in battle.

Element Grid[edit | edit source]

AquaBeam Cure+1 CurePlus
@SquirtGun @SquirtGun @SquirtGun AquaBeam+3

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

The name of this enemy, SandSquirt, is derived from two main facts: One, SandSquirts can be found in a rather sandy area in the game, and two, they literally squirt water at their enemies as their main form of attack. Hence, the name is a befitting one.

The Japanese name of this enemy, Sandra, on the other hand, is a pun on the word Sand, which can be found covering the dry portions of Lizard Rock. The "dra" at the end of "Sandra" probably comes from the word "Dragon".