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Kid successfully steals an item using her Pilfer Element in Chrono Cross.

Stealing is a gameplay mechanic in the Chrono series that allows items to be forcibly taken from enemies. In Chrono Trigger, stealing is performed primarily by Ayla's Charm Tech, although Marle can also steal when her Dual-Tech Twin Charm is used with Ayla. In Chrono Cross, three party members have the ability to steal: Kid, Mel, and Fargo via their level three Elements, Pilfer, Snatch, and Pillage respectively. In Chrono Cross, successful steal attempts are impacted by the user's Hit stat. The target's resistance to the attempt is governed by the Evade stat. Stealing attempts are more successful when the thief lands multiple successful attacks in a row. For example, using Kid's basic physical attack three times in a row, to raise her Grid Level to the point where she can cast Pilfer, makes her more likely to successfully steal an item from a foe. However, if the enemy interrupts one of her attacks during this process, her ability to successfully steal an item decreases.