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Alluring Top

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Alluring Top
Charm Top.png
Japanese Name 魅惑のブラ
SNES/PSX Name Charm Top
Equipment Type Accessory
Description A revealing article that entrances foes.
Effect Increases success rate of Charm and Twin Charm.
Won From Tier 4 and 5 prize items in Arena of the Ages (Chrono Trigger (DS) only)
Treasure Chests Bangor Dome (Future)

The Alluring Top (みわくのブラ miwaku no bura "Alluring Bra"?) (also known as Charm Top in the SNES/PS version) is an accessory in Chrono Trigger. This item boosts the success rate of the Charm Tech used by Ayla. Thus, the accessory is only worn by her. Note however that it also increases the potency of Ayla and Marle's dual-tech Twin Charm. Obtained in Bangor Dome, it sits in a chest behind a Sealed Door.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Since Ayla's Charm Tech seems to operate on the power of sex appeal, a more alluring bra would naturally make it more effective. Top is a generic term for clothing worn on the upper body; its use here is likely the result of censorship.