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Crimson Echoes:About

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This page contains in-universe or out-of-universe information within the pseudo-canon of Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes.
Crimson Echoes' logo.

Crimson Echoes is the namespace on the Chrono Wiki specifically for articles pertaining to the fan-made game, Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes, or "Crimson Echoes" for short. Crimson Echoes stands apart from most fan-made games as a nigh-professional-quality production intended to bridge the story gaps between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. It takes the full measure of the source material and expands upon it, all while staying within the narrative bounds laid out in the aforementioned games and adhering to the narrative style of both.

Pseudo-canon?[edit | edit source]

For purposes of this wiki, information in the final version of Crimson Echoes exists within pseudo-canon. It is treated as canon, except not above the information given in the canon games. Therefore, it can be considered as close to canon as possible until further information is provided in future releases in the Chrono series.

All information relating to Crimson Echoes is to be put in this namespace (i.e., all article titles will read as "Crimson Echoes:{{ARTICLE_NAME}}"). This includes detailing information in Crimson Echoes about a person, place, object, or event that exists within the canon series. For example, the article "Crono" offers all details of the character Crono as he is presented in Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, while "Crimson Echoes:Crono" adds in the information about the character presented in Crimson Echoes, retaining - not restating - the information given in the former.

Certain details have been changed in Crimson Echoes between its inception in 2004 and the final version - called the "98% beta" - in 2009. The final attribute of the pseudo-canon of Crimson Echoes is that the details given in the 98% beta are considered canon within the pseudo-canon. (Confused yet?) Any additional details that were added or removed in previous versions may be considered part of the pseudo-canon unless they were deprecated or contradicted by the time of the final beta. For example, Schala was once a main, playable character in Crimson Echoes (intended to replace Ayla). However, the difficulty of coding a new character in place of an old one was too great a challenge, and so it would be considered inappropriate to describe Schala in those terms.

Differentiating[edit | edit source]

For the time being, all pages created within the Crimson Echoes namespace must have the template {{CETop}} placed at the top of the article before ANY other information. (Hopefully, at some point in the future, this content will be automatically placed in all pages in this namespace.)

Other templates will be provided to make navigating and marking pages within this namespace without having to see the "Crimson Echoes:" namespace prefix all over.

CE[edit | edit source]

The {{CE}} provides a clean and easy method to navigate to pages within this namespace. In its basic form, it simply creates a link to Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes. It also takes two optional arguments. The first argument gives the "vanilla" page name, that is, the page name without the prefix. The prefix is automatically added and the alt-text is set to the vanilla page name. The optional second argument gives the explicit alt-text.

For example, the following wiki markups will produce the associated formatted links...

...all while linking to the same page.

Article Creator[edit | edit source]

Now go ahead and start making some article. Below are some article creator, simply enter the article name (without the "Crimson Echoes:" intro; it will be entered in for you), press "Create" and the page will come equip with all the templates, section dividers, and navigation templates you need for the particular article you want to make. Easy, huh?


<createbox> preload=Template:Create article/character/Echoes prefix=Crimson Echoes: width=40 </createbox>


<createbox> preload=Template:Create article/location/Echoes prefix=Crimson Echoes: width=40 </createbox>


<createbox> preload=Template:Create article/enemies/Echoes prefix=Crimson Echoes: width=40 </createbox>


<createbox> preload=Template:Create article/bosses/Echoes prefix=Crimson Echoes: width=40 </createbox>


<createbox> preload=Template:Create article/item/Echoes prefix=Crimson Echoes: width=40 </createbox>


<createbox> preload=Template:Create article/weapon/Echoes prefix=Crimson Echoes: width=40 </createbox>


<createbox> preload=Template:Create article/armor/Echoes prefix=Crimson Echoes: width=40 </createbox>


<createbox> preload=Template:Create article/accessory/Echoes prefix=Crimson Echoes: width=40 </createbox>


<createbox> preload=Template:Create_article/techs/Echoes prefix=Crimson Echoes: width=40 </createbox>


<createbox> preload=MediaWiki:Newpagelayout prefix=Crimson Echoes: width=40 </createbox>