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Japanese Name ゴブルム (Goburumu, lit. Goblum)
Type Demon
Doppelgang Yes (Default)
"With the ruler of the forest dead, the dwarves be gone now! This forest be belongin' to us!"
— SnobGoblin

The SnobGoblin is an enemy in Chrono Cross. Found in Hydra Marshes in both Another World and Home World, SnobGoblins take on the appearance of short and stubby reptilian-like creatures, with most of their bodies colored a deep shade of green. With their wide mouths ever fixed in a snide grin, these goblins can be found solely in the Hydra Marshes in both worlds.

According to Chrono Cross Ultimania, there is only one version of this monster, which is the one listed at top on the infobox to the right.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

SnobGoblins usually appear in ones or twos, accompanied by at least one SnibGoblin. They are also known to be sometimes accompanied by Swarmp Bugs. SnobGoblins attack by balling up their massive hands into fists, which they use to crush selected targets for mediocre amounts of damage. They are also known to, albeit infrequently, utilize the Green elemental attack AeroSaucer, which is much stronger than their regular attacks. SnobGoblins also possess a special double tech which they share with SnibGoblins, which is that of Wallop. Wallop enables SnobGoblins to work together with SnibGoblins to toss selected targets from one to another before throwing said targets onto the ground for fairly heavy amounts of damage. On the whole, SnobGoblins, much like SnibGoblins, pose very little challenge when faced in battle, and can be taken out fairly quickly. One should, however, be wary of the double tech that these enemies share with the SnibGoblin, as it may severely injure characters with low defenses.

Element Grid[edit | edit source]

AeroSaucer-1 Heal Bushbasher BatEye
AeroBlaster-3 AeroBlaster-2 Bushbasher BatEye

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

The name of this enemy, SnobGoblin, is derived from the combination of the two words "Snob" and "Goblin. A snob is someone who believes that some people are inherently inferior to him or her for any one of a variety of reasons, including real or supposed intellect, wealth, education, ancestry, taste, beauty, nationality, etcetera. In this case, the SnobGoblin most certainly does have an expression on its face which suggests snobbery, and as such, the name is a befitting one.

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