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A SnibGoblin and a SnobGoblin performing Wallop on Lynx.
Type Physical
Color Green
Target Single Enemy
User SnibGoblin and SnobGoblin (Double Tech)

Wallop (どつき投げ , Do tsuki nage?) is a Green Enemy Tech used by the SnibGoblin and the SnobGoblin in Chrono Cross. This Double Tech allows the afore-mentioned monsters to work together to pummel a selected target, dealing fairly heavy damage in the process.

Description[edit | edit source]

The SnobGoblin will first lumber forward clumsily before smacking the selected target over to the SnibGoblin. The SnibGoblin will then catch the target by using its arms to slam said target to the ground, causing a green-colored energy to be released due to the sheer impact.