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ToxicBurst Element.png
A Potpourri uses ToxicBurst on the party.
Type Magic
Color Green
Target Random
User Potpourri

ToxicBurst (毒自爆 , Doku jibaku, lit. Poison Suicide?) is a Green Enemy Tech used by Potpourris in Chrono Cross. When Serge investigates Hydra Marshes in search of Hydra Humour to revive a poisoned Kid, he encounters several Potpourri. These stationary plants eject a virulent fume when their Hit Points reach a critical low, potentially causing the status effect Poison on party members and causing them to suffer low portions of damage.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Potpourri in question will vibrate slightly before expanding to twice its normal size. A cloud of green-colored fumes will exit the tip of the Potpourri, which quickly surround all its foes.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

To fend off predators, several plants release bursts of toxic fumes. This tech likely mirrors this natural defense mechanism.