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Serge, Schala and the Sprigg-transformed Slash performing Z-Slash on an Aero-Guard.
Type Physical
Color Blue
Target Single Enemy
User Serge, Kid and the Sprigg-transformed Slash

Z-Slash (ゼット斬り Zetto kiri?, lit. Z-Cut) is a Triple Tech used in Chrono Cross. This tech requires the combined powers of FlyingArrow (Serge), RedPin (Kid) and DashSlash (Sprigg-transformed Slash) in order to be performed. When activated, the three afore-mentioned characters will work together to slash a selected target in the shape of the alphabet letter 'Z', dealing massive damage in the process.

Description[edit | edit source]

Serge, Kid and Slash will first leap across from one another, before sliding forward, leaving behind a colored trail corresponding to their innate colors. The camera will then shift its focus to the selected target, whereupon Serge is observed to glide horizontally to the right across the target's body in mid-air. Kid will quickly follow up by gliding horizontally to the left across the target's body near the ground. These actions result in yellow trails of light being left behind. Slash will then slice the air, combining the two existing lines to form the letter 'Z'. The letter 'Z' will then glow, causing a massive explosion of blue-colored flame to occur, engulfing the target and knocking it to the ground.