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X-Strike (Element)

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X-Strike (Chrono Cross).png
Serge and Glenn performing X-Strike in battle.
Type Physical
Color Red
Target Single Enemy
User Serge and Glenn
Description Combined Dash&Slash and Dash&Gash double attack

X-Strike (エックス斬り Ekkusu giri?, lit. X-Slash) is a Double Tech in Chrono Cross. It requires the combined powers of Dash&Slash (Serge) and Dash&Gash (Glenn) to be performed. This tech inflicts a devastating amount of damage to a selected target.

Description[edit | edit source]

Serge and Glenn will first leap backwards before jumping forward, towards the selected target. They will then utilize their respective techs, sliding across from each other in the shape of the letter 'X' through the target. A radiant flash of light will ensue in the middle of the target, which inflicts damage onto the target as it vanishes in a volley of sparkles.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This tech is a direct reference to Crono and Frog's double tech X-Strike from Chrono Trigger - not just the name, but also the fact that in both games it is a double tech used by the main protagonist and a swordsman named Glenn. The visual appearance of both techs is also similar.