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Steena using DireaShadow in battle.
Type Magic
Color White
Allocation Level 3±3
Target Single Enemy
User Steena
Description Summon the eidolon of the last Shrine Maiden

DireaShadow (ディレアの影 , Direa no kage, lit. Direa's Shadow?) is Steena's Level 3 tech in Chrono Cross. Learned upon acquiring 3 boss stars, Steena gains the ability to summon the soul of Direa to cast an ominous orb at a selected target, possibly causing the Fatigued and Asleep status at the same time.


The game speed will be slowed down as Steena places her hands in front of her to summon Direa. A black-colored energy orb will soon form, which quickly transforms into the fluid shadow of a maiden wearing a kimono. The maiden's shadow then proceeds to wave her right arm in front of her, causing a purple-colored orb to form. A web of energy is observed to rotate about its own axis constantly within this orb. The maiden's shadow then casts this orb at the selected target, whereupon contact, a magic circle forms in front of said target. A rune forms in the middle of this circle, which disappears thereafter. The selected target will then sustain fairly heavy damage.