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The Mama Komodo using Breath on Serge and Poshul.
Type Magic
Color Blue
Target All Enemies

Breath (ブレス, Buresu?) is a Blue Enemy Tech used by the Mama Komodo in Chrono Cross. This tech allows the Mama Komodo to blow a breath of chilling air at her foes, dealing heavy damage in the process.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Mama Komodo will lift her head up into the air and promptly open her mouth. She is then observed to intake an ice-infused air, which causes the sky in the vicinity to darken. She then exhales the icy air at her foes, tilting her head from side to side to ensure that said foes will sustain damage. As the Mama Komodo runs out of icy air to blow, a ring of blue-colored energy will be released before promptly disappearing.