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Karsh's dragon steed rearing as Zoah punches a JellyBlubba.
Type Physical
Color Green
Target Single Enemy
User Karsh and Zoah
Description Combined DragonRider and Toss&Spike double attack

DragonSpike (ドラゴンブロー , Doragon burō, lit. Dragon Blow?) is a Double Tech in Chrono Cross. It requires the combined powers of DragonRider (Karsh) and Toss&Spike (Zoah) to be performed. This tech will inflict devastating damage onto a selected target.

Description[edit | edit source]

Zoah will first slide towards the target, while Karsh will, on his dragon steed, dash forward. Zoah will perform an uppercut punch to the target, sending it flying into the air, while Karsh's steed rears up. While in mid-air, Zoah will then land yet another punch on the target, and as it comes crashing back onto the ground, Karsh will guide his steed forward, whereupon he will swing his axe at the target. The target will then sustain damage as it lands heavily onto the ground in a plume of white smoke.