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Pip performing Soothe in the El Nido Triangle in his un-evolved form.
Color Varies
Allocation Level 5±5
Target All Allies
User Pip
Description Gently calm party to restore stamina & HP

Soothe (なごむ , Nagomu?) is Pip's Level 5 tech in Chrono Cross. Learned upon acquiring 15 boss stars, Pip gains the ability to recover the HP and stamina of all allies present in his party.

Note: The innate color of this tech will vary, depending on how Pip is evolved. The default innate color of this tech is that of White.

Description[edit | edit source]

A bright flash of light will engulf the field momentarily. When it dissipates, a small patch of grass is observed to have formed underneath Pip, with rays of sunlight shining downwards. The move will always end with little orange bubbles gathering on each ally momentarily before disappearing.

The move's animation will change slightly according to Pip's form:

  • Un-evolved: Pip will close his eyes and sway from left to right gently, before getting up to stretch.
  • Angel and Devil: Pip will lay down on the grass to nap for a bit before getting up to stretch.
  • Archangel: Pip will fold his wings to his sides and close his eyes. He will then be lowered down to the grass patch slowly. He will then flap his wings a little to gain a little momentum before getting up to stretch.
  • Arch Devil: Pip will lay down on the grass with his feet facing upwards and promptly fall asleep. He will then get up to stretch after some time.
  • Holy Beast: Pip will close his eyes and lie down in mid-air before getting up to stretch.

Heal Multipliers[edit | edit source]

The heal multipliers of this tech are as follows:

  • Un-evolved: 36
  • Devil: 36
  • Angel: 40
  • Arch Devil: 40
  • Archangel: 45
  • Holy Beast: 42

Stamina Recovered[edit | edit source]

The amount of stamina this tech recovers are as follows:

  • Un-evolved: 2
  • Devil: 3
  • Angel: 4
  • Arch Devil: 3
  • Archangel: 5
  • Holy Beast: 4

  • Credit: The Heal Multiplier and Stamina Recovery values were originally posted on the Chrono Compendium.