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A Paper Boy using PaperMoon on Sprigg.
Type Magic
Color Yellow
Target Single Enemy
User Paper Boy

PaperMoon (ペーパームーン , Pēpā mūn?) is a Yellow Enemy Tech used by Paper Boys in Chrono Cross. This tech allows Paper Boys to summon moon insignias to spiral around a selected target, dealing fairly heavy damage in the process.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Paper Boy in question will raise its 'arms', whereupon the camera will shift its focus to the selected target. Moon insignias are observed to revolve around the target in a three--hundred-and-sixty degree direction, which steadily increase in speed as time wears on. A misty vortex will appear in the centre of the moon formation, causing purple pin-pricks of energy to be drawn in. A bright flash of light will then resonate, leading to the shape of a crescent moon appearing on the target. As it fades away, the target will sustain damage accordingly.