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Doc using HangTen in battle.
Type Magic
Color White
Allocation Level 7±7
Target All Allies
User Doc
Description Pray for ocean rains to heal your friends

HangTen (ヒールシャワー , Hīru shawā, lit. Heal Shower?) is Doc's Level 7 tech in Chrono Cross. Upon learning this tech, Doc gains the ability to summon a healing shower to both recover the HP and temporarily increase the attack and magic powers of all allies by 20%.

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Pick up the Medical Book from the Dead Sea. After successfully fleeing from the Dead Sea, travel to Guldove (Another World) and present the book to Doc. Doc will express amazement at the "Medical Book of the Future" and thereupon learn the tech as he flips through said book's pages.

Description[edit | edit source]

Doc will start off the move by bending forward and swinging from left to right. This causes a light-infused magic circle to form beneath his feet, whereupon he will leap into the air with his right fist raised. Holy pillars of swirling light will then rise up from the ground, forming translucent orbs around each ally, which promptly fade away.