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A Lava-boy using LavaRush in Lucca's Burning Orphanage.
Type Physical
Color Red
Target Single Enemy
User Lava-boy

LavaRush (ラッシュ , Rasshu, lit. Rush?) is a Red Enemy Tech used by Lava-boys in Chrono Cross. This tech enables Lava-boys to gather lava into their fists, before rushing to a selected target and pummeling him/her, dealing fairly heavy damage in the process. This tech will only be activated when the Lava-boy in question is low in HP.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Lava-boy in question will start off by lifting itself off the ground with a gentle tussle of its wings. It then lands with a crash in front of the target, before charging up its fists with lava. It will proceed to pummel the target a total of eight times, causing a lava sphere to engulf the target's body momentarily before disappearing.