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ElementShot Tech.png
Hi Ho Tank uses a White ElementShot on Luccia.
Type Magic
Color Opposite of Target's Innate.
Target Single Opponent.
User Hi Ho Tank

ElementShot (エレメント弾 , Eremento dan?) is a Enemy Tech used in Chrono Cross. Seeking the Ice Breath from the Water Dragon on Water Dragon Isle, Serge encounters several Dwarves, led by the Dwarf Chieftain, ransacking the Fairy Village there. Chasing out the Dwarves, they eventually unleash the Hi Ho Tank on the party. During battle, the Hi Ho Tank uses an extremely high-powered tech called, ElementShot, on a single target. ElementShot always matches the Innate Element Color opposite of the character which attacked the Hi Ho Tank the most within three rounds. Before the battle is complete, the Tank will cast this tech at least once on every character. The tech is strong enough to take the character to which mere decimals of being knocked out. The move also inflicts the appropriate Status Effect for the target's opposite color. For instance, Kid, a Red Innate suffers Blue damage and the Status Effect, Frozen or Flu. Should Frozen be afflicted, she will be unable to move, so it is wise to carry the appropriate consumable (in this case, Medicine) so as not to lose a valuable character during the battle, or more importantly, a healer.

Description[edit | edit source]

When cast, the Dwarf Chieftan opens the nose of the tank and a turret emerges. From the turret punches a a deadly missile, the color of which matches the Tech's color (A white version of Element Shot will have shoot white colored missiles). The projectile bashes into the enemy, causing a Status Effect and critical amounts of damage.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Tanks are often outfitted with missile cannons, which shoot projectiles at foes.