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Ketchop using Solt to smash Peppor into Schala.
Type Physical
Color [[Red (Element)}|Red]]
Target Single Enemy
User Ketchop, Solt, Peppor

FlameKnock (炎のアタック , Honō no atakku, lit. Flame Attack?) is a Red Triple Enemy Tech used by Ketchop, Solt and Peppor in Chrono Cross. This tech sees Ketchop using Solt as a bat to literally smack Peppor into a selected target, dealing heavy damage in the process. Solt and Peppor will be knocked out unconscious after this tech is used, however, due to the fact that they were used as human weapons.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ketchop will stomp up to Peppor and, using his right fist, he will clobber Peppor's head twice. As Solt dashes, albeit clumsily, over to help Peppor, Ketchop will grab him by the head with his left hand and grip his legs with his right. Ketchop will then swing Solt, much like a baseball player would, into Peppor's body, sending Peppor crashing into the selected target. A shower of red sparkles will be blasted out as Peppor comes into contact with the target in question.