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A Lantern Jaw using DeathSaucer on Lynx.
Type Magic
Color Red
Target Single Enemy
User Lantern Jaw

DeathSaucer (キルソーサー , Kiru sōsā, lit. Killer Saucer?) is a Red Enemy Tech used by Lantern Jaws in Chrono Cross. This tech allows its user to rush through a selected target's body at different directions, creating fiery rings to inflict fairly heavy amounts of damage onto said target.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Lantern Jaw in question will start off by hovering in front of the target for a short while, before gliding across and rushing through said target a total of three times. A flame ring forms each time it comes into contact with the target. It then rushes through the target one last time, whereupon the fiery ring created explodes in a crescendo of red sparkles.