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Grobyc and Norris combine their respective techs to form PitchBlack.
Type Magic
Color Black
Target All Enemies
User Grobyc and Norris
Description Combined StrongArm and TopShot double attack

PitchBlack (ダークスパーク , Dāku supāku, lit. Dark Spark?) is a Double Tech in Chrono Cross. This tech requires the combined powers of StrongArm (Grobyc) and TopShot (Norris) to be performed, which inflicts fairly heavy damage onto all foes.

Description[edit | edit source]

Grobyc will first charge up a purple-colored energy at the tip of his StrongArm weapon before firing it into the sky. A sinister orb will then encase the shot to prevent it from being blasted off into the far-off distance. Norris will then fire TopShot at the orb, further enhancing the amount of energy that it emits, as it begins to radiate with a yellow-colored light. As the intensity of the yellow-colored light lessens, the result is that of a pink-colored orb of energy encased within a white-colored outer covering. As it is lowered down slowly onto the foes, it emits a magenta-colored energy, which causes it to reduce in size. As this happens, any foe present in the field will be sucked into the orb, whereupon it blasts apart, thus inflicting damage onto said foes.