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Black (Element)

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This article is about the Black (Element) for Chrono Cross. For other elements, see Element Lists.

Here are various Black elements used in Chrono Cross.

Name Allocation
Type Target Description
TurnBlack 1/7 Magic Single Enemy/Ally Turn enemy's attribute / ally's attacks black
GravityBlow 1/7 Magic Single Enemy Blows away enemy with a ball of pure gravity
BlackOut 2/0 Consumable Singly Ally Removes black status effects
HellSoul 2/0 Magic Single Enemy Attempts to remove the soul from enemy's body. Inflicts Darkness/Cursed
AntiWhite (*) 3/5 Magic Single Enemy Temporarily seals white Elements
Gravitonne 3/5 Magic All Enemies Crushes enemies with a supergravity field
Genius 4/4 Magic Single Ally Temporarily increases your magical power
Imbecile 4/4 Magic Single Enemy Temporarily decreases your enemy's magical power
HellBound 4/0 Magic Single Enemy Sends your enemy on a trip to hell. Inflicts Cursed.
Revenge (*) 5/3 Magic Single Enemy Shifts your status effects onto enemy
FreeFall 5/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch FreeFall Element
FreeFall 5/3 Magic Single Enemy Drops enemy from the sky at supersonic speed
Nostrum 6/0 Consumable Single Ally Restores HP (Large)
Diminish 6/2 Magic All Enemies & Allies Temporarily halves Elemental damage
SealAll (*) 6/2 Magic All Enemies & Allies Temporarily stops everyone's Elements
BlackHole 6/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch BlackHole Element
BlackHole (*) 6/2 Magic All Enemies Sucks everything in the area into a super-vacuum
MotherShip 7/0 Trap All Enemies Set trap to catch MotherShip Element
MotherShip (*) 7/1 Summon All Enemies Contacts a spaceship to blast enemies to pieces
GrimReaper (*) 8/0 Summon All Enemies Summons Death to wreak doom and destruction

(*) Only innate atribute Black can use this Element